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Hi everyone, the INTERSTELLAR GLAM ROCK CONNECTION is exactly what the name implies. From this point we try to send you directly to the most important - or in some cases only - internet-pages of the popular and not-so-popular Glam legends and new glam bands/artists. Sometimes you get a link to an official site where you even get latest news of artists that are still around. Don´t forget to bookmark the main page so that you always can start again.

One of the reasons for opening such a website is to support glamrock in general which still is an underrated style in popmusic.  Although the situation has improved a little over the years there is still a lot to do concerning "glam public relation". That´s why you won´t find just classic 70´s glam rock bands but also very current bands i.e. Suede and Marilyn Manson who produce glamrock NOW- whether they like to hear this or not. All this proves that glam as an established style of pop music has developed  and still emerges at new facettes and cannot be limited to one certain period in music history. The music of the featured artists here also displays the variety of glamrock.

At the moment many  artist pages are more or less under construction but we are working steadily on this. The page layouts might appear very basic as well but this will improve in the future.

Glam  News

It is also intended to make this a "lively" website which means updates in regular intervals. This will mainly happen at Glam News which will feature latest news on glam activities and releases, perhaps tour dates, etc. Updates will follow monthly. With a little help from you we could update this page even more frequently, so if you know news from your  favourite glam rock band that is missing so far you are welcome to contact us for inclusion in our news or the artist pages.


For questions, comments, etc. please contact me at info@glam-rock.de

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Every effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of the images used without success. Should there be any copyrights offended please don´t hesitate to tell us so that this problem can be solved immediately. No guarantees for any informations and links published on the Interstellar Glam Rock Connection websites.


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